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TikTok Ads Tips & Tricks for Optimization

“TikTok ads = Creativity”

TikTok is a platform where short videos of 15-60 sec are shared to an audience of more than 500 million. Tiktok is much different from other advertising platforms. TikTok is trending right now due to creative content posted by its users. Not all brands get success in TikTok as some of the objectives of the brand will not be met by TikTok. If your brand is looking for engagement then this is the right platform to invest in.


TikTok app is available in major 141 countries with 39 languages. Most of the young audiences, you would find here are looking for short videos with creative content in them. TikTok Ads can be placed in Infeed video ads, Branded hashtag challenge, Brand takeover, Top view ads, Branded effects, etc.

Tips for optimization



Content is the most important thing to be considered for a successful ad campaign in TikTok. This platform is not like other platforms, here you need to TikTok video. While creating the video you need to keep in mind the audience you are targeting. In the beginning, 2-5 seconds of the video should have content that attracts the audience so that they can watch the whole video without scrolling, keep your video short that your audience doesn’t get bored, and go with the present trend. Also, you need to see whether the audience is understanding what you are conveying to them.  

Target audience


You can accurately select which audience the ads to be shown to. Ads can be targeted based on age, gender, location, interests, and more. In TikTok creating a broader audience would be good as the machine learning of TikTok will help in finding the potential audience.

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The most recommended audience is creating the lookalike of high-value customers. TikTok will find a similar audience of existing customers and there is a high chance that this lookalike audience will do the same thing when the ad appears to them.

Avoid the audience overlap


While targeting an audience based on interest and lookalike, one thing you need to keep in mind that the audience doesn’t overlap. If it overlaps then you would be showing them the ads multiple times that will indirectly increase the cost per acquisition

Optimization Event


First, you need to create a pixel and install it into the website to track the events. After that, you will be able to see the performance of the ads in detail. It is recommended for brands to select reach or video views as the conversion event as this will help them in creating brand awareness.

TikTok ads


While running ads in TikTok you should make sure to get at least 50 conversions per week as this will help the TikTok campaign to complete the learning phase.


Your budget should be strategized to get at least 50 conversions from them. You can start bidding with 1.2x – 1.3x  of your target CPA then start optimizing it based on the performance and the budget spent.

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There are two methods of bidding – standard bidding and Bid cap. Standard bidding is where you target the average cost per acquisition and in the case of a bid cap, it is the maximum cost per acquisition. A standard bid is available for conversion and app install campaigns. Bid cap is available for traffic, reach and video view campaigns.


When using a bid cap, most of the time it will be underspent as its primary goal is to reduce the cost per acquisition. This happens when your competitors bid more than you. 

A/B test

If you doubt any of your strategies then it’s best to test it by using a small budget. It is always recommended to test strategies, creatives, and audiences. Before you invest a lot of money in that campaign.

While doing A/B testing some of the things to be kept in mind is to run a campaign for at least 2 weeks. It should have the budget to finish the learning phase. The two campaigns should be the same, only the variable which we are testing should be different. Don’t run the campaign on holidays or festival times you might get a different result, choose some normal days.


These are some of the tips which you can optimize for your brand if you still have a problem optimizing the ad account then feel free to contact us. TikTok Ads is new and most of them think it is the same as other platforms. After spending some money they realize that they don’t get the result that they were looking for. This primarily happens as they don’t understand TikTok Ads. The above tips will help you in achieving your marketing goals. To start with TikTok ads Click here


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