Facebook ads Audience Network

Why use Facebook ads Audience Network?


Facebook ads audience network is one of the underrated placements in Facebook. Most people don’t know how it works and how to use it for advertising. In this blog, we will be discussing key aspects that you need to know about the Facebook ads audience Network.

Audience Network in Facebook

What is the Audience network on Facebook ads?  An audience network is a place outside the Facebook app containing a vast number of third-party applications. Now the advertisers can place their ads in different third-party applications. Using the same process of selecting the audience in the Facebook ad manager. Facebook can target people using the pixel installed in the third-party apps.


You can reach out to more audiences using this audience network placement. Facebook Can track all the events using Facebook pixel which makes it easy to run campaigns with different objectives.

Potentials of Audience Network

Facebook ads audience network will help you to target audiences who are not on Facebook which will increase your reach. Audience networks can give you less cost per result compare to Facebook feed if it is monetized correctly.

Why use Facebook ads Audience Network

You can use an audience network when your campaign objective is brand awareness or bringing traffic to the website. If your ad is running in an audience network then your ads will be shown to the audience in the third-party apps which match your target audiences. Exclude the interests that you don’t want to target and block some of the apps which go against brand safety. 


There are around 98,282 publishers in the Facebook ads Audience network. To filter some of the apps from the list there is an Inventory filter where you can select Full inventory, standard inventory, and Limited inventory.

Facebook ads Audience Network


You can also block some of the third-party apps which are not performing or goes against brand safety. To know on which apps the ad is shown, you need to go to the ad manager and click on the brand safety.

Facebook ads Audience Network

How to block apps in Facebook ads Audience Network

You can find the Publisher’s list on the top right corner of the page

FB ads Audience Network

Download a list of publishers and select the apps which you want to block using the category. You can upload the bulk block list by creating a new blocklist, as shown in the below screenshot.


In each list, you can only have 10,000 publishers in it. If you want to block more than the limit, then you need to create another list. 

FB ads Audience Network


If you want to block only some apps then you can search the name of the publisher in the publish list and then select it to add to the block list.

FB Audience Network

Who should exclude Facebook ads Audience Network?

The advertisers who are going for Conversion campaigns should avoid it initially. If you see that they are getting good results from the Facebook feeds then, you should expand the audience using the audience network. 


There is a reason for that if a consumer is using an app where he finds your ads and he is not ready to leave the app it would be difficult to convert even though the customer is interested in the product.


Facebook audience network is one of the underrated placements as most of the advertisers avoid it. I think there is a massive opportunity in the audience network as you will find fewer competitors compared to the Facebook feed. 


I think you can use it for brand awareness campaigns so that you get a lot of impressions at a lesser cost. You can also use this network to retarget using the custom audience feature in Facebook as you can also show the ads in other apps if the audience has already left the Facebook app.


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