Facebook ad creatives

Tips for Facebook Ad Creatives

Facebook ad creatives are one of the most important things which makes a successful campaign. To do that you need an ad creative which represents your brand and gives a clear message to the audience about what you are offering to them.

Some of the tips you can use to improve your ad creatives are as follows

Use Simple Language Which is Easy to Understand

Facebook ad creatives


Your priority should be writing ads in simple language which the audience can understand easily. When someone sees the ad they should immediately come to know: 


  •  What are we offering,
  • In which way it can benefit them
  • What action to be taken next

Use Recognizable Images (real images)

Facebook ad creatives

In an ad image, people need to recognize it and find it similar. To do that, we can use the product name of a popular product in that niche. By doing this the audience who knows the popular product will be interested in your product.


Use Real images as the image should look raw which can relate to the audience you are targeting. You can also try to include the brand name or logo within the image. Try to keep it real with the audience you are targeting.

Use Number in the Image or at the Ad Copy

Facebook ad creatives

Using numbers in the ad will help to grab the attention of the audience. Showing your product discount or offers in the Facebook ad creative will help you to increase the CTR of your ad. 


Numerical gives your ad credibility where the audience will be interested to click on the call to action button


If you can’t use numbers in the image then you can use it in the headline.

Show the Right Offer to the Right People

screenshot www.facebook.com 2020.11.02 11 19 25

In Facebook ads, we try awareness, prospecting, and retargeting campaigns. Each of them is having different objectives. Create ads that are different for different objectives. Like in the case of awareness you need to show your brand image and services to your audience. In prospecting, you need to tell them what is next or guide them to call to action, and in retargeting you need to show some offers to get back those people who are interested in the product or services

For these 3 objectives, you need different images. By doing this you will increase your CTR on the creatives. Showing the Right offer to the right people is important to bring conversion.

Put the Right Ad at the Right Time.

Facebook ad creatives

Putting the right ad at the right place will help you to increase the overall CTR of the ad creative. On Facebook, you have many placements that are available where you can show the ad creatives. The placement also includes on which devices you can show your ad creatives. Desktop and mobile devices are the two devices where the ad creatives are shown.


We choose mobile devices for the awareness objective as the audience tends to spend more time on mobile devices rather than the desktop. We include both desktop and mobile for prospecting and retargeting.

Less Than 20% Text in Images

screenshot www.facebook.com 2020.11.02 11 40 35

Facebook has stated that images with less than 20% text on it perform better than other creatives. Ad creatives need the text in it to convey the message to its audience.



Facebook used to penalize the images which had more than 20% text before. But now the penalties are removed. Now you can add more text to the image. But it is still recommended to use less than 20% text in the images.

Using the Right Color

screenshot www.facebook.com 2020.11.02 11 47 29

Ad creative will have different colors that represent the brand. Color has the power to grab the attention of the audience. Using the right color for the brand will increase the CTR of the ad creatives. Different colors have a different meaning, Choose the one which represents the brand value.



You can use this to improve your ad creativity. CTR gradually increases which will give you a lower cost per result. Once you find a perfect ad creative for your brand you can use it multiple times to acquire new customers.

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