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TikTok Ads Management

Build a brand viral. Increase sales with powerful short content on TikTok.
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Break the walls with TikTok Ads

With unlimited creative, short video clips on the hottest viral video application become a powerful marketing tool. A team of teenagers who update every trend, keep up with every trend, have a lot of experience. Ready to help your brand enter the world of TikTok.

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In an era where obstacles create new opportunities, hurry and grab it and succeed before anyone else. Let us help you build your success. With the experience of making TikTok with many brands Analyze every result to grow your business.

How is your business unique? Besides you who know best, we will be another partner who will take the time to understand your business. At the same time, we bring our knowledge and experience together to find a way to generate the most sales with you.

Creative work is the key to creating TikTok ads. And we do have a team of experts and experience in designing creative works that are effective and meet your target audience.

We cannot use the same strategies to create success in different businesses. Therefore, our team has planned and created a strategic plan that is tailored only for your business.

Information is the most important thing. After we started advertising, our team will analyze the information from your campaigns to optimize them. find a way to develop the missing parts and Always come up with new ideas or strategies. Not only just for the success of advertising but also in order to keep your business growing steadily.

Meet Your Business Goals

Develop Strategy

Plan a campaign structure that is unique and appropriate for your business. Find best practices from our experts' years of experience.

Continuously Increase Efficiency

Based on the information obtained we always have developed, improved, searched for ways to find new target groups to help develop campaigns.

Set Accurate Target Audience

We know which audiences to reach first and which ones will return to your customers.

Unlimited Campaigns

Run as many campaigns as you want. Choose the campaign objective that works best for your business.

Flexible Budget

Increase or decrease your monthly budget at any time. If you find that your campaign isn't performing well. You can cut your budget right away.

Conversion Tracking

No worries about a complicated measurement setup. We'll work with your developer to ensure that our campaigns are properly metrics implemented.


Install and configure the remarketing tags. Manage audience generation and segmentation to optimize campaign performance.


Have a talk regularly to check the performance. Find ways to develop and improve your business strategies.

Transparent Report

You own all your data. We share with you all the information you want to know. You can access dashboards and reports 24/7 through our TrueSight™ platform.


Meet TrueSight™

Your Marketing Management Tool



Enthusiastic Team, Ready to Work Hard

Although automation is very useful these days. But there is no substitute for the thought, analysis, and creativity of people can really be. You will be satisfied with your results and you will love our people too.

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Success depends on many factors such as products, services, competition in the market, price, etc. That’s why we cannot guarantee sales.

What we can guarantee is the best marketing service that will bring in quality target audience. And it will lead to sales when other factors are ready.

That’s the thing we can not determine. Every business is in the market and has different advertising goals.

From experience, we recommend starting at a minimum of 6,000 baht per month. If the budget is lower, the ads will not be effective and will make it harder to see results.

Even so, the advertising budget can be adjusted at any time. Many of our clients start with a small advertising budget and gradually increase when seeing good results.

Campaigns typically see results in the first three months.

Our fees are based on monthly spending. This is typically a percentage of your advertising spend. (or nominal management fee)

We are not an agency that just creates general campaigns. Our team consists of people who have worked in various industries from B2B, B2C to large companies to startups. We draw on our years of experience to create campaigns that are tailored to your business.

  • We partner with many advertising platforms including Google, Facebook, LINE, TikTok, etc. So you can trust our work.
  • We specialize in managing difficult advertising campaigns and know how to scale up your business to get exactly what you want.
  • We work with team experience, not just one person to implement strategies to achieve your marketing goals.
  • We’re a team of advertising specialists on each platform. Therefore, it is able to provide services and consulting directly and comprehensively.
  • We coordinate with each expert on the team at all times. To make work flow smoothly and quickly.

Grow Together

Talk to us about your business plan and find out how Friday can help you grow. We will contact you within 1 day to schedule a strategy consultation.
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