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Paid Online Events for Small Business Recovery

Due to the COVID -19 situation, the Small business and creators are hugely affected. Due to social distancing during this pandemic, the small business has been drastically hit as there is a big number difference in offline sales. Small businesses are trying to take their business online to run their business.

Businesses and creators need a website to give an online presence for their audience. That will take a lot of time and money. The small business and creator have their struggles in raising money during this pandemic.

Facebook has come up with a solution to deal with this problem as they had seen the statistic of how badly the small business got affected. The solution is “Paid Online Events” where creators can use Facebook to host fitness classes, Cooking classes, Boxing matches, expert talks, Podcast recordings, Dance classes, etc.

Small business

Facebook has combined Live video, Marketing, and Payment in one event which can help to meet business needs. Currently, around 20 Countries are eligible to use Paid Online Event, which is listed below-

  • India

  • Australia

  • Singapore

  • United States

  • United Kingdom

  • Ukraine

  • Sweden

  • Spain

  • Poland

  • Norway

  • Netherlands

  • Mexico

  • Italy

  • Hungary

  • Germany

  • France

  • Czech Republic

  • Canada

  • Brazil

  • Belgium

Soon the remaining countries will be added to the list.


Facebook will provide this free service until next year. Mainly to support small businesses and creators.

To get started with Paid online events :

  • You need to provide bank details for the payouts

  • Facebook will review the page 

  • After being approved by Facebook you can start changing the access for the event on Facebook

Small business

You can start adding the price for the access. Only the transaction fee will be deducted from the revenue generated from the event.


Small business and creator, this is the time to get back to work without spending much on building a website. Facebook online events can help you to get to your audiences and also even get a new audience for your business. We would suggest you grab this opportunity as soon as possible.

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