Instagram Marketing

10 Instagram marketing tips for new brands

Instagram Marketing
Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms with 1 Billion monthly active users worldwide. This app is most popular in the USA, India, and Brazil and has 130 million, 100 million, and 91 million users.
Instagram was being launched in 2010, this app made people share their photos with their friends and their friends could react to the post using emojis, Comments, etc. This grabbed the attention of a lot of people who were using Facebook then. Instagram loaded out new features like Instagram stories which become quite popular among the users.
Brands started to show their presence in social media. Most of the brands advertised to create an audience for their brands. Now the brands have started selling their products and services through the Instagram platform. There are about 25 million business accounts on Instagram, which spend money to acquire new customers through Facebook.

Tips for Brands

Safeguard the content which is being uploaded in the Instagram


Facebook has come up with image-matching technology that can help content creators and brands to protect and manage their images on can find this feature in the Right Manager tab on Facebook. here you can stock all the images which are needed to be protected.

To access this feature, page admins can apply here –


Facebook also helps in combating infringement with a fast and effective IP reporting system that helps in protecting the intellectual property of the brands.


Protecting your content is crucial for your Instagram marketing. You should be aware of the brand image is not misused by others

Partner with some account which supports the brand value

Find an account that is a non- profit organization with a similar brand value. This method will help in getting exposure to the audience to which you are targeting. This method will help in the easy growth of Instagram accounts.  


Instagram marketing collaboration will help brands to get more exposure among the targeted audiences.

Use all the tools in Instagram

Instagram had provided its user with different tools which can help in Instagram marketing. Instagram has included an editing tool where you can edit and add a filter to the images and videos. There is a wide collection of filters from which you can choose the one which suits the most for the image or videos.  


To deal with Instagram marketing, Instagram provides business tools for brands where they can analyze the performance of the Instagram account.


Brands will also get to add a product catalog for the account and add product tags for the images.


Post 1-2 per day


If you are a new brand then you need to post at least 1 post per day. If you have more content then you can post 2 content per day. Posting 3 content per day is high. Posting 1-2 per day is highly recommended to generate some organic traffic to the Instagram account. This can help you in Instagram marketing as it will keep your audience engaged with the content every day.

Promote Instagram everywhere

You can show your Instagram account on the brand website where people who visited the website can easily follow the Instagram account for the latest content and products.


 In this Instagram marketing, you need to promote the Instagram account in different social media platforms to gain followers initially.  

Focus on staying relevant to followers

Brands need to post or show content that is relevant to the audience. If the content is relevant to the audience then it will get more engagements. By doing this you can also get the attention of the new user and increase the followers on Instagram. 


Through Instagram marketing, we can acquire new followers on Instagram accounts. But we can retain them only by giving relevant and engaging content. Retention of the follower is the difficult part of Instagram marketing

Interact with the followers

A brand needs to interact with the audience through messages or comments. Interaction with followers brings trust and loyalty to the brand. Some of the brands come up with the giveaway contest to interact with the followers. Some of them come live to interact with their followers. These are some of the things brands do to retain the followers they have on Instagram.

Use stories to show brand activities

Instagram stories are one of the popular things on Instagram. Stories are used for Instagram marketing to get the attention of the people. 


A brand can use Instagram stories to show the brand activities to its audience which can help in acquiring new users to the Instagram account. Instagram has provided various tools for Instagram stories. There are some tools like polls that will help the brands to understand the audience they have. 

Use different content for Instagram platforms

If you are having different social media platforms for the brand having the same post on different platforms can make your audience to follow only one of the social media platforms. If every post is the same on the different platforms then why should the Instagram user follow the Instagram account? 


Brands need to make different content for a different platform which can help brands to make users of a different platform follow the Instagram account.

Checkout Big brand Instagram accounts

Check big brand’s Instagram accounts which will help you to get some ideas on the content part.

You will learn a lot from analyzing big brand accounts and get inspired by them for Instagram marketing. You need to see how they interact with the audience, how their contents are relevant to the audience, how they get engagement for the posts etc.


You need to stay updated with all the Instagram latest updates as they are the once who are trying to make Instagram more effective towards the audience.


Instagram Marketing helps the brands to acquire new followers to the Instagram account through boosting posts. After you get the followers to your account you don’t want them to leave your account, you want them to stay in the account as followers. The brand spends a lot of money to get a bunch of followers to the account. After acquiring an audience brands need to retain them or it would be a waste of time and money. Retaining an audience in Instagram marketing is important and every brand should keep this in mind. The above tips can help the brands in Instagram marketing.

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