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“Friday Digital helped us set up a scalable Facebook campaign structure and reporting. They are very knowledgeable, technical and performance-based.”

Jed Charungcharoenvejj
Jed Charungcharoenvejj
Chief Marketing Officer, Eatigo

"Friday were able to scale customer acquisition by 200% while reducing cost by half, leading to much more efficiency marketing spending."

Johan Antlov
Johan Antlov
Chief Growth Officer, HappyFresh


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Why is social media marketing important?

By taking advantage of social media, you can connect with your target market, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

You want to have an active role on social media because people use social media regularly to learn about brands, research purchases, and make a purchase or inquiry. If you aren’t present on social media, it’s easy to go unnoticed by your target market — and even easier for your competitor to connect with and convert those users.

Which platforms should I use for social media marketing?

The best platforms for social media marketing are the ones your audience uses. While having a presence on all social media networks is helpful, your business should focus its marketing and advertising efforts on the platform your audience uses the most.

At Friday, our social media services can support campaigns on several networks, including: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Since our team can support strategies across social media platforms, it’s easy for your business to expand its program. You don’t have to worry about finding a consultant or coordinating with another agency to promote your brand on a new network.

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