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Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your ad spend, driving more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.
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Ad budget spent

Your budget will be well-managed and well-spent.

Successful campaigns

We’ve helped build over thousands performing campaigns.

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We’re proud of our clients we have helped with.

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Our team is growing to help more clients.
Supported media channels

Connect from anywhere

Platforms that connect your brand to your customers. With over 10+ platforms already available in our service, your team’s favorite channels are just a click away.
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Google Ads

Get in front of customers when they're searching for businesses like yours on Google Search.
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Facebook Ads

More than two billion people use Facebook – no matter what kind of audience you want to reach, you'll find them here.
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Instagram Ads

With Instagram ads, businesses can drive awareness and increase its customer base through visuals.
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TikTok Ads

Tap into your brand's creative side. A world exploding with joy and inspiration set to move your business to new heights.
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Line Ads

Close the distance between you and your potential customers by advertising your brand on LINE services.
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Marketplace Ads

Target the keywords that are relevant to your product to gain a better position in search results.
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What we do for you

Are you struggling to turn ad clicks into conversions? Our performance advertising management service can help.

Launch with confidence

Not only do we take the time to really understand your industry, we'll parse through the vast amount of data in search of valuable trends that will guide our strategy.
Campaign strategy development
Audience and keyword research
Conversion tracking and mar-tech integration
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Managed by professionals

Our team of experts knows how to craft and optimize ads that speak to your target audience and drive them to take action.
Campaign monitoring and optimization
Budget planning and allocation
A/B testing and remarketing
We also officially partner with leading technology platforms

Get valuable insights

Measure what matters with Friday’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.
Interactive dashboard
Monthly performance report
Monthly review session
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“Friday Digital helped us set up a scalable Facebook campaign structure and reporting. They are very knowledgeable, technical and performance-based.”

Jed Charungcharoenvejj
Jed Charungcharoenvejj
Chief Marketing Officer, Eatigo

"Friday were able to scale customer acquisition by 200% while reducing cost by half, leading to much more efficiency marketing spending."

Johan Antlov
Johan Antlov
Chief Growth Officer, HappyFresh


Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
How much should I spend monthly to get good results?

Defining a single monthly budget is not possible. Every business has different advertising goals and is competing in different markets.

What we can advice from the experience of our hundreds of clients, is to start with a minimum of ฿30,000/month ($1,000/m). Lower budgets won't allow any optimisation, nor leave space & time for notifiable results.

Keep in mind that advertising budgets can be adjusted at any time. Many clients are starting small and increase their ad budget over time when they start seeing results.

Do you guarantee sales?

Online success depends on many different factors such as your product or service, market, pricing, website responsiveness, etc. Providing a sales guarantee is therefore impossible. What we can guarantee is best-in-class marketing offering high-quality traffic, which will lead to sales if other factors standards are met.

Can I get refunded if I'm not convinced about the service?

Management fee is refundable on a case by case basis. You cannot ask for a refund of used ad credits, as they were already consumed to show your ads to potential customers.

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