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List of Online Advertising Platforms

Online advertising platforms have given a lot of opportunities for the business to grow and expand. Taking your business to one of these online advertising platforms will help you reach a huge audience. We have listed some of the advertisement platforms which you can use:

Online Advertising Platform


Google ads platform helps the advertiser to run ads on mobile and desktop devices. There are different type of google ads based on a campaign such as

Advertising platforms

By using these campaigns advertisers can easily advertise their products or services online. The search campaign is the most effective campaign, which helps the advertiser to grab the attention of the people who are searching for the products and services and also compete against the bigger brand. Google ads are one of the best online advertising platforms. There are about 3.5 billion google searches in a day.


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with 3.14 billion users in it. With over 2.7 monthly active users. Facebook also has Whatsapp, Instagram, and messenger as it’s core products. You can find Facebook users on both mobile and desktop devices. Facebook made it easy for users to interact with friends and family using this platform.


Facebook has an ad platform where it shows the ads to the users who are interested in the product. Facebook makes it easy for the advertiser to find some potential customers. Facebook uses all the data from the user to determine the user’s interest and target those users using Facebook ads. 

Advertising platforms


Facebook ads dashboards have different tools that can help the advertisers to Create target audiences and ads. Facebook has its own algorithm which helps to create a lookalike audience of the customer based on the behavior. This is one of the effective tools which Facebook has for online advertising. These online advertising platforms also have bidding strategies like Bid cap, Cost cap, and target cost. This strategy is very helpful in maintaining the cost of the results.

Microsoft Bing

Bing ads come 2nd place in search engines in the world. On average, the advertiser will pay less for Bing ads compared to Google search ads. Bing also has this amazing control of location, language, and scheduling of different campaigns.

Facebook ads 1

Compared to Google, Bing has a smaller market share. If your location contains Bing users then you definitely have to use it as it has lesser cost compared to Google.


Pinterest has more than 150 million active users. Most people use Pinterest is to shop and plan, they are looking for products and services which they are interested in. Most of the advertisers use Pinterest for awareness and sales.

Advertising platforms

The main audience on Pinterest is young women who work and can buy a lot of trendy things. If you want to target audiences that include women then Pinterest is one of the online advertising platforms which you can use.

An eCommerce business that can grab the attention of women then is the right platform for prospecting. Pinterest has various tools which can help eCommerce business to get more conversion.


If you are looking for the lowest cost per click then Twitter is one of the online advertising platforms which gives that. Due to the lack of competition on Twitter.



On Twitter, you can pay for the performance when the marketing objective is reached. You can target an audience based on a specific keyword or hashtag, target people who engaged tweet and can create a tailored audience.


As LinkedIn says “Quality leads come from the quality audience” yes which is true, if we target the right people we get the result that we want. LinkedIn audiences have 2x more buying power than any other web audience.


If you are looking for a platform to generate leads for B2B business then this is the right place to run the ads. the platform is very well built and has a tool to target a specific audience and also you can do retargeting for the people who visited your website. This is one of the best online advertising platforms for B2B business, you won’t come to know until you run the ads



Quora is where more than 300 million people come and ask question-related to different interests, here the audience can answer any question and help other people in getting the right answers. This is a high-intent advertising platform that can help you easily acquire some of the potential customers at a lower cost.

Quora 1

Quora can help you show your message in a premium environment where people visit the page with an intent to buy or to do a comparison. If you want your new brand to reach people who can be a potential customer then this is one of the online advertising platforms which you need to go for.



TikTok is actually a short video sharing app with more than 500 million active users. Actually, there are fewer brands that are running ads in TikTok. But I think it’s the best place to do brand awareness. TikTok is getting popular in more than 140 countries and the number of active users is rising. 

Tiktok 1


TikTok has a huge audience base that can be used to achieve the marketing objectives. It has a higher engagement than other social media platforms. As there are lots of content creators in each region it is easy to target specific location audiences. Most important thing is that TikTok has less competition as TikTok ads are new. It is better to take advantage of it now.


Line is quite popular in some Southeast Asia countries. It has more than 66 million active users. These ads are new and you can take advantage of this platform if your audience uses the line app

Tiktok 2


Line has the ability to reach audiences who are not on Facebook or Twitter. You can run ads based on interest and custom audiences. Due to low competition, the cost per result is quite low compared to other platforms. Line uses multiple channels to deliver your ads to the audience.


Snapchat is a communication app used for messaging, news, and Content Creation. It’s another way to interact with your audience. It’s easy to make them follow your brand.

Tiktok 3


There are different ways that a brand can engage with its audience on Snapchat. Comparatively the cost per result is low. The audience in Snapchat are young adults who like using new features in Snapchat.



These are some of the platforms which can help you to scale your business Online. Select the platform wisely so that it can help you to meet your marketing goals. Each platform has its own perks and cons. Please look into that before you start spending your money on those platforms.

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