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How Line ads can help your business?

Online Marketing is booming today as every business is trying to get an online presence as it sees a huge potential to grow online. Initially, most of the businesses go for marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, etc. These platforms have a lot of brands already that are bidding continuously to get the top position of the potential customers. In this process, the cost per acquisition becomes higher. Most businesses have no idea what Line ads can provide them compared to the popular ad platform. In this blog, we will be discussing how Line ads can help your business.



Line is a platform where users can do free messaging, free voice chat, and free video calling with friends and family. It has lots of features like image and video sharing, latest news, timeline, keep, Live, face filter and effects, face play, etc. Now this platform is running ads as it has got 84 million active users as of 2020

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How can line ads help your Business?


Businesses that come under the terms and conditions of Line can run ads. The ads which are running in Line are quite impactful to its audience. These ads can meet the marketing objectives like Brand awareness (reach and frequency, Website visits), Increase customer base(Gain friend and app install), Increase sales (Website conversion, App engagement), Customer retention(Dynamic product sale). If your business has any of these marketing objectives, then you can start advertising through line ads. Compared to other platforms, the cost per result is much low due to less competition.

Line ads

Online Advertisement on Line


There are many placements available in line where you can show your ads with a call to action. Some of these placements are Chat List, Timeline, Today, Line TV, Wallet tab, etc. 

Line ads

This placement makes it easy for 84 million active line users to interact with the ads. The call to action button helps to link it to any website or a landing page and also helps in increasing the followers in line accounts.

Ad Formats on Line

Line ads

Single image ads:  images should be 1200×628, 1080×1080. Images sizes should be less than 5Mb and the image format should be in JPG or PNG format.


Video ads: aspect ratio should be 1:1, 16:9, 9:16. Video length should be 120 seconds or less. Video file size should be Max video size: 100 MB. File format should be MP4.


Carousel ads: can add up to 10 images for the carousel.


Small image ad: images should be 600×400. Max image size 5Mb. File format should be JPG, PNG.

Target Audience

The advertiser can choose the target audience by using Gender, Age, Location, Device, and Interest

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We can select the country and specific region which we want to target. Can select age from 15 to 49. Select mobile devices like Android or iOS. Add interest that matches your audience. These interests are broad and there is less interest compared to other platforms.

screenshot admanager.line .biz 2020.12.29 12 10 34


We can also create custom audiences using the data we have to do this we need to set up tracking [line tag ] for the landing pages. Only then we can make a custom audience and lookalike based on that.

Optimization in Line


For optimization in line, we have 3 options: Maximize Conversion, Maximize Click, Manual. To Maximize click and Maximize conversion it is configured automatically.

screenshot admanager.line .biz 2020.12.29 12 08 08

Bidding strategy, we have 3 options: Bid amount cap, Event cost cap, Target event cost, and No limit. You can choose any one of these options to reach the marketing goal.

Run ads in Line

To run ads in Line you first need to create a Line Official account. Click on this link []  to create one. After you create an official account in line you will be able to create ads for your business. If you are facing a problem in running Line ads then we can help you run your ads online. 




If your Target audience uses the Line chat app to communicate with friends and family then this is the right platform to get more conversion. Create ads if it can help you to meet your marketing goals. If you Can’t manage your campaign please contact us

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