Facebook review

How does Facebook review content?

Facebook review

Every second Facebook review a new post as it is being uploaded on Facebook by the user. Initially, Facebook used to review the content through experts who would Check whether there is any inappropriate content in the platform or the content which are not following rules which are set by Facebook. This procedure was taking a lot of time as time passed. New rules were added to the list and also the number of users increased on Facebook.


To solve this problem Facebook has come up with the technology where it can detect the contents which are inappropriate and violate the rules which are set by Facebook. Now Facebook reviews the content using artificial intelligence(AI) which is faster and much accurate.

The 3 main areas were the technology is used by Facebook

Proactive Detection :

The technology which was built to review the content can now detect violations in different areas without relying on the user to report to Facebook. This helps Facebook to keep its accuracy and as well as showing inappropriate content to a bigger audience.


Artificial intelligence has scaled up reviewing content as there is a lot of content that violates the rules. This artificial intelligence helps to detect the content that is likely going to violate. This will remove a lot of content from reviewing and only a set will be kept to review by the expertise. This Artificial intelligence works on certain rules which makes it keep the accuracy in its work by which the Facebook expertise doesn’t have to review similar posts multiple times. This reduces the team to spend less time reviewing content. During this COVID -19 situation, it is really helpful as the Facebook team reviews the content remotely.


After detecting the violated content for Facebook. It also prioritizes the content review to the team so that they know which content is more important to review. This prioritization helps the facebook team to address the content which needs more attention from the team. A ranking system is made which decides the content which is more harmful for the user will be ranked high which depends on many factors like severity of harm, virality, and likely hood of the violation. This system detects if the content is fully violating the rules then it will remove it. Where the content is less certain and has violated the rules, this content will be ranked and sent to the team to review.

Most of the work is done through machine learning. If the AI is not sure about the violation then it will be sent to the Facebook team. This reduces a lot of time reviewing the contents. The Facebook review takes some time to review the content which is being published as there are a lot of contents uploaded into Facebook in a day.

How does Facebook ad review work?

When an ad is created on Facebook, it will go into a review process where it sees whether it complies with the advertisement policy or not. It reviews ad images, ad text, ad placement, and the content on the landing page. The AI helps to detect the violation of Facebook policies. While the AI performs its tasks your ads will be in the review status, it won’t be delivered to the audience until it is approved from Facebook.
The review process starts as soon as you click the promote button. It can take up to 24 hours to review the ads. If AI doesn’t detect any violation then your ad will be approved soon. If it detects violation the ad will be rejected. if AI is not certain about the violation then it takes more time to review it. Notification will be sent to you from Facebook if the Facebook ad review status is changed.

What if the Facebook ad is disapproved?

If your Facebook ad is disapproved there can be various reasons behind that like Image size, content, Target audience, landing page, etc. if you find your ad is disapproved or rejected then you will find a notification where the reason for the rejection will be mentioned. If you correct the mistakes in the ad by their suggestion. You can then publish it to review the ad again.


If still your ad is disapproved then you can contact Facebook support for assistance. They will tell what is wrong with the ad and also tell you what changes to be made in the ad to get approved.

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