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Google Ads
Management service

Are you tensed about your paid campaigns?

Google ads are one of the top marketing platforms. Where if you spend a lot and don’t get any result from it. Then you need a digital marketing agency 

Google Ads Search

Using a search engine you can outperform a larger organization. To do that, you need to have an experienced media buyer who can help you to generate result from the ad spend

Google Ads Display

Ads showing on google partnered website can reach the target more effectively and can generate high quality leads for the website.

we can create a relevant design for the creative which can match your landing page and can generate more results for the ads

Google Ads Video

These ads are displayed on Youtube that can reach people who are matter to you. There are different formats of google video ads that you can use depending on your requirement.

We can help you find the perfect video ad format for your brand and run it to get the lowest cost per result.

Google Ads Shopping

For Ecommerce, Google Shopping Ads are the prime ads that display on the top search results. These ads help your target audience to see the image, price , availability, etc. of the products you have on the website.

We can help you in creating a catalog and help you run google shopping ads 

What our clients have to say

How Our Google Ad Service work

We start off with building a tentative plan with close communication for any changes. The plan includes general strategies and tactics to convert audiences into each step of the buyer’s funnel. We will also build creative mockup in the process.

Campaign structure will be in easy-to-read format yet powerful for reporting. And of course, we create all of these with business objectives in mind.

After the plan is approved. We start building it into the real account. All setup process will be verified in every step to be ready for launch.


We will also help you set up and verify conversion tracking to track sales or leads from your website. These data will be used to measure the success of the campaigns and sent to marketing platforms for optimization.

Digital marketing is not a set-and-forget thing. In order to run a successful campaign, you will need close attention to keep it performing. 


We have adopted a number of tools to help us monitor the account and optimize it to get the best possible results. Our internal team will routinely analyze and come up with action plans to continually improve performance.

We hate manual reporting, and we know you do too. We believe all data is owned by clients and they should be able to access it anytime and anywhere.


To do that, instead of giving monthly excel report, we provide a real-time report which is viewable anytime via a web browser. The report is fully customizable, tailor to your needs.

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